Integrate Security & Legal Compliance into DevOps

Our automatic controls don't impede DevOps agility.

How GitLinks Works

  • Set a Policy

    Set a Policy

    Set your organization's policies. Use our defaults or set your own custom policy for each project.
  • Enforce


    Prevent non-compliant open source from being merged using your Continuous Integration.
  • Monitor


    Get a live inventory of your open source so you can track security issues & declines in support.

We Monitor

01. Security Vulnerabilities

GitLinks tracks reported security vulnerabilities and matches them with the open source imported by your developers. We prevent vulnerabilities from entering your products.

02. Maintenance Activity

GitLinks is the only company to score the activity of the community around open source projects. If nobody is actively working on the project you use, nobody will be finding and fixing bugs.

03. License Compliance

Just because it's open source doesn't mean you can use it unrestricted. Paying attention to legal requirements can keep you out of litigation and help you maintain rights to IP.


In the last 6 years companies using open source in their products has quadrupled.


Less than 10% use automated security vulnerability tracking.


Hackers continue to exploit and data breaches have increased 5X in 10 years.

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